Reflection: (whole project/ blog journey)

Letter to the new bloggers,

Throughout this semester, I’ve learned a lot of things and blessed to have an amazing teacher that taught this class.. From simple rules, to glazed donuts and meeting new faces, I have to say that this class is nothing like high school English!

Even though things are hard to start out it’ll go by so quickly that by the end you’ll wish you could stay and watch the next class take this. I myself wish this wasn’t the end but I took lots of things away from this special favorite class of mine! From blogging to crafting posts, sometimes it’s easier to show your audience and everyone else your work (even the world) Not being shy of who you are and speak your mind to others shows the professor what type of learner you are (visual or audioic for example).

Thank you for giving the opportunity to share this blogging experience! I at first thought it wouldn’t be a thing for me… but I learned that there’s a first for everything and loved how smooth it went throughout the semester!

Don’t be afraid to try it out I promise you it’s pretty cool to learn about others as well as how you think in different situations like the readings given!

I feel heart broken that the semester is about to end… but I’m happy I took it with one of many favorite professors!

I hope you all decide to take this course instead of holding it off…. If you do get Mrs Robinson she’s pretty spectacular at her job, and an excellent professor I highly recommend of taking any class she offers!

I had the best of times in her class and hope you do to…. until next time ✌🏽

-From an unknown college student!


My work on display

Throughout my project, I’ve been always referring back to my drawing class where half of my inspiration came from to start this all! Here is where I am as far as my final project for that comes out to be. Tomorrow I’ll be crafting my piece like I have been on these posts…. hope you like it!

My Work On Display!

For the FINAL week of my “Art Adventure” (I know it’s sad 😭) I’ve decided to dig and dig through my camera roll and show you some of my “side work” that I’ve done really quickly and did it for fun or have worked on it for a long period of time and have it somewhere in my mess of a house!

(From the top)

1. A T-Shirt design idea for choir back in high-school! (Hand drew)

2. Decided to recreated my friends drawing from drawing class last year and made a grid drawing out of it. It’s not my best work because I scaled it wrong but it’s something

3 and 4. The process regarding my “self portrait” grid drawing! This took me about a month and a half to pull off. It was difficult at first to figure out but happy for the turn out!

(Pictures below)

“Messy vs Messy” (Part 2)

My other way of describing “messy” in a really cool way is by using two different mediums. In my drawing class, we are doing a final project where we can draw whatever we desire to but we have to use two different mediums (in this case two different textures of completing your masterpieces) This was out of my comfort zone a little bit because I’ve worked with some of the things like charcoal, watercolor, oil pastels and all but I have never combined them like this. Along with this new project, we were given a color (that means ONE COLOR) of our choice to use!

While I drew my sketch out, I wanted to use the color RED for this. I also wanted to draw 2 difficult things to sketch out (for me its hands and the human body so lets say 1) I went on my phone and searched “Hands holding an apple” and got a reference image ( I use the right hand) since I couldn’t use the fill right side of this image because of plagiarism I sketched the hand and decided to switch the apple for a heart. This is what it looks like along with the images I used. 

This isn’t my final work yet but the reason why I decide to go with this is because of a video I watched. It was about how us humans visualize a heart being like ❤ that and then realizing what our heart from our body actually looks like in reality. For the next part of this, I’m planning on incorporating a heart of how we see it as on the left side and use the other hand in the image below. As far as the 2 mixed mediums, I plan to use charcoal and a little bit of paint in the hands and some RED paint in both of the hearts with some different shades with black, grey and white.


Image result for apple holding       Image result for heart

How the process will probably work is I might start with charcoal for a bit and lay everything out so I can visualize how this will all come together, and them go back over some of it in paint so it could give some dimension  and a little shade. The hardest thing I’ll struggle with I know right off the bat will be the veins because eye balling them on my sketch was difficult to pull off and seeing my professor impressed with my work so far this all might work well for me. Drawing things like this can be challenging but in the long run it’ll look fantastic! (I’ll post the FINAL outlook of this once it’s finished!)

Reflection (Blog Tour #2) How I Like To Read

The Second Blog I went to was pretty relatable…

How I Like To Read…                                              This particular one basically talks about reading from elementary school trough high school and how teachers take reading in different ways. From reading aloud to 1st graders to assigning study guide questions, and then preparing you on questions you’ll probably be tested on in the end. I enjoy how the writer takes you through each phase of schooling and formulates an image in your mind of how the teacher reacts to the thought of “reading” vs the students reaction to the thought of “reading” in each school setting (Primary, Secondary, and so on)

I find this very fascinating and relatable because I was the exact same back in grade school. I enjoyed it when people read to me, but once I learned how to read and taught how to comprehend and all, I wasn’t that great at it like everyone else. Before I hit middle school, I learned that I had a reading/learning disability. I couldn’t comprehend the things I read, and got frustrated with it. By the start of high school I figured out the best way for me to learn. I knew that hearing things that are read to me vs reading them on my own helped me “remember” or retell someone what something is about! Audio books are my best friend so they helped me a lot through high school and now going into college.

Overall, I think that reading isn’t a BAD thing. Being assigned homework in a packed and being asked questions is difficult but getting the opportunity to venture out in a library for hours finding what YOU (the reader) to see what’s interesting enough to read is less stressful and more open to different things you’ve never learned before.

Reflection (Blog Tour #1) TRAVEL BLOG

For this “Blogging Tour Adventure” I went two below me and stumbled in A Travel Blog!

Scrolling through I read a post that was posted Nov 26, 2018. called “My Senior Trip!“. Reading it line by line it talks about their school adventure going from Rochester MN , to Madison Wisconsin, Chicago Illinois, and China Town (that’s in Chicago). Throughout the adventure they briefly sum up the days going to colleges, the Tallest Building in Chicago, and going to different tourists attractions as well.

As a person that’s never really traveled a lot in their life, I think that watching a blog on YouTube or even reading one from someone else with lots and lots of pictures is better than going and possibly getting stranded. Being able to see what they saw on their trip is like taking you with them wherever they go which is also fun! I love how they incorporated a lot of things they saw and did but kept it a decent length that’s not so wordy and easy to read!

My favorite sight/picture that was posted was the Chicago Filter. I’ve also been to Chicago (Airport Flying to Daytona Beach, Florida) but have never seen any of their tourist attractions there myself. I honestly cant get over the other beautiful sights they incorporated as great visuals in their blog!

“Messy vs Messy” (Part 1)

When it comes to making art or being creative, don’t expect to still be clean like you were when you first start….. OR coming out of drawing class coming home my mom thinks I look like I came out of a mine full of lead and decided to smear it all over my face because I have “nowhere else to put it!”

The reason why this segment is called “messy vs messy” is because people interpret work messy as in charcoal shading messy or the fact that they didn’t take their time and scribbled like a 4 yr old

To start it off, I’ll just say that I get way to excited over new materials (example I’ll be using is acrylic paint) – when I started painting and sold my work, I got so addicted to spilling all my paint tubes on the table and searching them on a plastic lid and having everything all over the place in the kitchen (still happens today) but the funny thing is when I paint an area on my canvas and it happens so suddenly, I bumped my elbow and smear it (I’d be wear long sleeves) then position my arm in a different spot and WALLAH….. ITS EVERYWHERE and it can’t come out! I swear almost every paint project I do happens like THAT! And once my masterpiece is complete and ready to be put up for sale, I run to the bathroom with every color you can think of all over my face / clothes and my brother yelling “can we sell her to mom!” 😂

I know painting isn’t my best suit for creating things but I have other resources that help me out. I enjoy doing quotes and make pretty lettering. All I do is paint my canvas a bright color, choose my quote (I go with short ones) and type it up on a word doc that’s LEGIBLE to read. I print it out in a type called Helvetica and use an exacto knife to cute my letters out one by one. After that’s all complete and my canvas is dry I place it on, line it up, tapped the edges and use a sponge dabbed with a different colored paint (that looks pretty with the background) and dab it on! I peel it off once it’s dry and add details around so it doesn’t look bare! Here’s some examples of past work I’ve done! ENJOY

Behind the “Lead” (Part 3)

Image result for pencil techniques

Using pencil first (NOT PEN) can come in handy with so many things! Its useful when writing thankyou’s to taking notes in class, and its so helpful with your Monday mornings when you really wanna take the “L”.

In this case, I prefer using pencil for almost anything and everything when it comes to writing or in this case “making art”. One thing I enjoy using pencils for is making doodles or keltic knots (examples below) (This clip is one of my favorites!) (favorite doodle drawer!)

This technique was how I first learned to shade and also doodle creatures other than flowers or my name over and over again.

Even tho I’m not the greatest at keltic knots or drawing little creatures, I enjoy watching other people draw them and show how it’s done!

“Behind The Lead” (Part 2)

Continuing on the thought of shading and what it could be useful for, I found these really cool pictures from Photo Essay: “A Staircase of Art” These are called “Library Stairs” which are located in Austin, Texas. Relating the images in my last assignment for my drawing class, we were told to do a 1 or 2 perspective drawing. everything was up to us except how lines were drawn and how to construct it. These pictures remind me of it because stairs and railing are really hard (especially for me) to draw and correctly shade because of the light sources (meaning the time of day and where shadows are casted) you’re using and the areas around it.

Drawing objects and things such as a stair is not only challenging but can be fun using your creativity and imagination. The stairs are a great representation for fill ins (illusions) like a never ending staircase or different objects on the stairs so its not dead and boring to whoever’s looking at your work.

As far as different uses for pencils I’ll show you an example using some  of my work! Recently, I “recreated” a drawing for my boyfriend Brandon (our 1 year is next Wednesday) I took the first picture we had taken together in his car (I can vividly remember this day) I first had a frame (8 by 10 or I could use the filler and do a 5 by 7 in I decided to go big or go home so I did 8 by 10) I scaled my image and drew lines *using a RULER and scaled the one I drew on and the original. I only had one pencil on me, my other materials were at school. I started from one side to the other side (just like if you were reading a book) and got it done on the same night (he’s only seeing the drawn one I created NOT the original one because I want to see if he can recall the moment through an artists eyes!

The other drawing however that I did for my mom was done using Vinal charcoal (which breaks easily) , charcoal pencils, White pencil, Blender, my fingers, and some elbow grease (aka time and effort) ( ** Read the whole story here!)  From the start, I began with sketch paper, transferred everything to “public paper” (kind of nice paper but NOT as nice as many others) and then at the end, I cropped my image down to a 16 by 20 (horizontal) to fit the frame!

Overall, both of these situations have kind of the same start to finish work in them but both are similar to an end result. The first one will obviously be lightly done and somewhat put together unlike the second one, that one has more realistic sides through all the detailing work and so on (both people that mean a lot to me in my life will obviously love my piece in the long run!)

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